Reliable Cleaning Service in Kitsap County


Get excellent janitorial services from Reliable Janitorial in Kitsap County. We clean every nook and cranny in your property: we look up, down, under, and behind. We offer affordable cleaning services to any office, or place of business in Kitsap County with no extra or hidden charges. We are also experienced in cleaning dental and medical facilities. If you require a good janitorial service, we are the cleaners to call.

Some of Our Services:

At no extra charge!
  • Interior windows
  • Appliances (inside, outside, under and behind)
  • Light fixtures
  • And last but not least, we are on cobweb patrol

Benefits of Janitorial Services

If you are a shop or business owner in Kitsap County, you are surely a very busy person. You do not have the time to deal with the smaller yet still very important daily tasks. Hiring a professional janitorial service for your commercial establishment will greatly help in freeing up your time without costing you too much. Another benefit is that good commercial cleaning service makes your shop or office more appealing to customers and clients because your establishment always looks clean and smells fresh. You also make the working environment healthier for your employees when you get professionals to disinfect their work areas. Hire us and experience the benefits of professional janitorial services firsthand.

Get Our Cleaning Service Today

Have you been struggling to keep up with your office, or shop cleaning? Let Reliable Janitorial handle it for you. We offer first-rate janitorial services in Silverdale, WA and the rest of Kitsap County. Call us at (360) 440-7412 to hire our services today.